You give generously to your family, job, and community. It’s worthwhile, but can be depleting.  You want to be more fully present to to the people and things you love without running on empty or losing yourself along the way.  We get it. And we want to equip you to secure that vital connection to find that life-flow you can sustain.

We offer one day retreats, workshops & six- session groups for women.  We teach replenishing ways to care for your soul & spirit using reflective solitude in nature, simple creativity, and authentic community with other women.  No experience or artistic talent required!

  • “Amazing! Eye opening experience that will continue to carry though out my life. Who knew nature could teach me so much about myself!?” Gina 39
  • It is hard to describe how meaningful this experience has been to me.  So many ideas can now apply to my life, and it’s offered me a connection to nature I never had.  Nancy, 53
  • “It was an eye opener.  I knew I had my own struggles, but being 21, I didn’t think the other ladies would relate.  I was wrong.  A dream is a dream and issues are issues.  Thank you.”  Lorena, 21

The Story

SPA Sisters began 12 years ago when the Founder, Nancy Chickerneo, PhD., discovered nature was consistently the most spiritual and peaceful element in the memories of nearly all her clients.  Click the video to hear the story.  

SPA Sisters is for any woman who wants to be fully self-connected, self-expressed, and authentic in every aspect of her life and is open to letting nature be her guide.  It’s for the woman who wants to give nothing but her truest self to the people that matter most to her each and every day.  It’s for YOU, if you want to live your life with integrity, discovering what you need to restore a true sense of yourself, enabling you to give fully to others without losing yourself in the process.

Woman Spirit Awakening in Nature Nancy Chickerneo author SPA Sisters Retreats self-care
Receive Nancy Chickerneo's book including application questions at the end of each chapter when you make a donation of $25. Just go to the Donate Page, enter $25, your contact info, and request the book.


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