About Us

SPA Sisters contains an acronym for Spirit, Place and Authentic Self. SPA Sisters is a not for profit educational organization for women. Through one-day “Awakening” retreats and six step “Wellspring Groups”, we teach women to gain insight from nature, bringing them closer to their most authentic selves and helping them to sustain that self, in spite of all the pressures and distractions of their everyday lives.

berries snow nature spiritual womenSPA Sisters is an educational program based on the belief that nature reveals God, the Creator, and that because we are part of nature, by studying it we can learn more about who we are. You need not come from any particular background, or share any particular belief, in order to find value and meaning from a SPA Sisters experience. We invite everyone to participate, no matter what your beliefs, no matter who you are, no matter what your background. Wherever you are on your personal life’s journey, you are welcome here.

SPA Sisters is not therapy. It’s not a fix or a cure. It’s simply a way to help you reconnect with your true self through nature. Our programs offer a simple, natural, and realistic approach to connecting with "you”; a connection that you can access any time any place, enabling you to sustain that sense of self in the midst of things that pull you away – everyday demands on your time and attention and emotional energy. You can learn to find peace, wisdom and self in something that’s just outside your door anytime you need it.

Whether it’s a one-day Awakening Retreat, or a six-step Wellspring Group, the opportunity is available to achieve a more Sustainable You.

  • "I have completed the Awakening and Wellspring and have found them to be transformative both personally and professionally. I have gained insight into myself and my life journey and I leave with inspiration encouragement and passion for what lies ahead." Deborah, 56

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SPA Sisters is also partnering with The Chicago Dream Center program, bringing our program in its entirety to these women.  The Dream Center “goal is to reach, rescue, and empower women whose lives are controlled by domestic violence, drug and alcohol addictions, prostitution, homelessness, and other life-controlling issues.”  It is a two year program, eight months of which are set at a farm near the Illinois/Iowa border where we bring our program.  It has been an honor getting SPA Sisters to these women and here are some of their responses…

  • This experience has been both enlightening and fun.  We all need to get back in touch with nature and ourselves.  God created both.  Sometimes we tend to not appreciate or look at the smallest things.  It’s the little things that count!  Mary, 53
  • It was an eye opener.  I knew I had my own struggles, but being 21, I didn’t think the other ladies would relate.  I was wrong.  A dream is a dream and issues are issues.  Thank you.   Lorena, 21
  • Oh, this is just awesome.  So much learning, so much beauty—with a group of beautiful women!  I want to do it again!  Ginny, 58