Enough Really Is

  Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Undulating waves, Rhythms rise and fall, Cicada call thick and strong, Enveloped in summer’s song. These troubadours know that summer’s days are fleeting.  Their chorus grows more intense, urgent, each moment seized before cool nights usher in autumn. Firefly’s flicker wanes, summer’s stragglers still brim with the hope […]

Cultivating Blooms

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash Welcome August! As a life-long gardener, I have planted gardens in the yard of every home I have lived in.  I planted my first, large-scale, organic vegetable garden in 1973 to provide a variety of healthy vegetables and herbs for a growing family.  It was a very practical garden.  […]

I Choose to Surf

I had an awakening moment on the beach last month.  Change and uncertainty on the horizon of my life resonated loudly as I experienced the whirling wind and roaring waves… After thinking about my life and pondering big decisions, my mind and heart were very full.  While good, necessary and timely, I could feel my […]

Winter Speaks

For years, even before the creation of SPA Sisters Retreats, I saw beautiful metaphors in Nature that taught me about life, God and myself. This was largely due to a cancer diagnosis because I was forced to slow down and sit down. Each morning, on my front porch, after completing a twenty-minute Christian meditation practice […]

Desert Blooms

This March, I turned 41 years old. And I quite literally found myself in the desert. Phoenix, Arizona to be precise.  Many people think of the desert as a dry, barren, rocky, dusty, sunburnt place…life barely sustainable there.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard my midwestern counterparts say, “There’s no green there. […]