The Wellspring Group

The Wellspring Group is an extended, six-step program that builds on the foundation and practices of the Awakening Retreat to deepen your relationship with yourself.  During each step, you learn to identify the barriers to living your life with integrity, discovering what you need to restore a true sense of yourself, while giving fully to others.  Journaling, drawing, poetry, time in nature and group sharing will be a part of each group.

The six steps of the Wellspring Group include:

  1. Memories … Who were you before your wellspring became unclear?
  2. Possibilities … How do you feel about transforming your wellspring?
  3. Letting Go … What do you need to let go of in order to clear your wellspring?
  4. Needs … What does your wellspring need in order to begin flowing again?
  5. Harmony … Are you in harmony with a clear wellspring?
  6. Balance … How can you maintain a clear flowing wellspring as you give to others?
  • It was a wonderfully enriching experience!  I was so glad I came.  Listening to others and sharing from a deeper place in myself and feeling safe with the environment, left me deeply grateful for the experience.  Diana, 68
  • It is hard to describe how meaningful this experience has been to me.  So many ideas can now apply to my life, and it’s offered me a connection to nature I never had.  Nancy, 53

Wellspring Groups are 12 hours in total, and may take the form of six two hour sessions, three four hour sessions or two six hour sessions, depending on the schedules and desires of the facilitators and participants.


Wellspring Group Location

Linden Ave. & 56th

La Grange Highlands, IL

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We don’t want finances to be a barrier to women attending the Wellspring Group.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please tell us about yourself and we’ll get in touch with you.